-My love for Jack White is bigger than ur fcknn ego-
When I say Wu y'all better say Tang
We are all close to 9 billion. Yet no one knows anyone. And everyone seems to sigh, for being too lonely.

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paler than u



my fb cover
a cunt said: Anna ur so fucking beautiful like i'm really disgusted from myself ur so beautiful your pictures on instagram ur a fucking model ily x

Then I was like:

Don’t be!!! You’re amazing, I mean you take your time to make people feel good about themselves? Isn’t that like the best? Thankyou hunny x (I wish I was haha) XXXX

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"I always see in some magazines lines like:" Sting, environmentalist "and" Kurt Cobain, whiny, unhappy, neurotic, angry guy who hates everything and everyone,  hates fame and his own life. "But I’ve never been so happy as now. I’m a much happier guy than a lot of people think I am." - Kurt Cobain, 1993.
I hate people generally, but I like people individually.

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i regret every selfie a day later

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want so bad fuck my life